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TravelScribe will be Data Go Round's second released application. Beta versions and release candidates are scheduled for spring 2009.

Lasting Memory Saver

While it is a wonderful thing, how TravelScribe can get your trip planning in high gear and keep all the details of a trip at your finger tips, the aspect of having these details stored in a safe place is not to be overlooked. Looking back on the trips and all the details will keep fond memories fresh. It is also great for pulling up suggestions for other travelers at a moments notice.

Any Suggestions?

The second Beta version is very close to release. That doesn't mean you can't continue to submit suggestions for the program. We are keeping the development open to more features, even for the initial release.

One of the things we really want suggestions on now are the Restaurant Info/Review functions on which we are presently working. The Activities Info/Recommendations is next up.

Design Your Travels, Save Your Memories

TravelScribe is a Travel Organizer, Itinerary Maker, and Lasting Memory Saver. This application will allow you to plan and document your travels from beginning to end, and provide you with a organized way to pull up information about the trip, afterwards.

Travelscribe has travel resources and links to help you plan your travels, forms and fields that help create a complete travel itinerary, and organizers such as Todo lists and Budget tables to keep you on track. All of the info is stored securely in TravelScribe's relational data archives, keeping the info at your fingertips forever. With Travelscribe's multiple export and report printing options, you can quickly get this info out to anyone that needs it or keep it with you as you travel.


While we are in the development stage of this software, we'd love to hear from experienced travelers and software users about what is important and what should be added to TravelScribe. So, please submit suggestions and comments. We will also be hand selecting Beta testers from these submissions.

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