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ClutterKiller is like a maid service for your computer. Use it every so often to keep things tidy and organized, or everyday for a spotless environment.

Organize your files in seconds
Is your desktop covered with icons you never use? ClutterKiller can give you a spotless desktop in seconds and help you organize your files quickly and painlessly. ClutterKiller cleans your desktop of shortcuts, folders and files. Entire folders of files can even be organized quickly, according to extension type.

New! Find your files in seconds
With Quick Finder type-ahead search, you can open and locate files, as fast as they were organized

Prevent Clutter
Avoid a checkerboard of icons on your desktop and keep up with clutter. Drag files, shortcuts and folders directly to ClutterKiller for instant organization.

Get back lost performance
Clutter can slow down your computer’s performance and rob it of valuable memory and computing resources.

Improve Productivity  
With fewer distractions on your desktop, you spend less time organizing and more time getting your work done.

View a demo of ClutterKiller and see how easy it is to use….

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Special zero-distraction feature
ClutterKiller's Desktop Isolator tool can instantly cut you off from all clutter distractions. The Isolator covers everything with the push of a button-- your wallpaper, your icons, and even any open windows your not working with.


  • Unobtrusive and easy-to-use widget.
  • Organizes files by extension (JPG, EXE, PDF, etc...)
  • Improve processing time and makes your computer faster.
  • Quick Finder search as you type, for finding and opening files.
  • Doesn't overwrite files (unless you want them overwritten).
  • Creates Windows folders instead of special program folders.
  • A Zero-Distraction Feature allows you choose only what you want to see.
  • Ignore List for files you don't want moved.
  • Custom settings for advanced cleaning and organizing.
  • Drag-and-Drop facilitates continual organization.
  • Access your organized files without even running ClutterKiller.

ClutterKiller wipes out clutter and organizes everything

Try ClutterKiller NOW! Try it for FREE and straighten up your desktop and file system on the first run.

ClutterKiller is ready on the first install to organize your computer. Download a 15-day full trial today and wipe away the distractions. Your desktop will thank you.

ClutterKiller is very safe. It doesn't delete any files, the auto clean will not overwrite files, and the Drag'n Drop will always ask you if you want to overwrite an existing file. It creates normal Windows folders or you can use existing folders, so the organization is effective even without ClutterKiller.

Once you use ClutterKiller, you’ll never use a computer without it again. We are so confident you’ll love ClutterKiller, we offer a 30 day full money back guarantee.

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