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Interface of Snap 'n Share

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With Snap 'n Share you can capture a screenshot of anything on your screen and share it instantly: on a forum, in an email, instant message, website, blog or twitter.

A Picture speaks 1000 words. Whether you have an error on your screen you'd like to send to Technical Support, are collaborating on a group project, need to send a colleague an image of what you are working on, or just want to send a friend something funny you found on the web, Snap 'n Share lets you "speak" those 1000 words instantly, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Capture exactly what you see on the screen. Snap 'n Share's Click and Drag capture tool lets you grab any message, region, window, widget, program, or image showing on your sceen, with ease. You can even capture the whole screen if you need. You can capture text as an image, which is very useful for posting to the web, because it preserves the font you used.

Snap 'n Share allows you to capture what you need, upload and create links for it, put it in the clipboard, save it, or start an email for you.


  • Uncomplicated and easy-to-use interface.
  • Click and drag capture tool lets you capture anything on the screen.
  • Delayed Capture lets you capture menus and drop-downs.
  • Saves out screenshots to PNG or JPEG formats .
  • Places screenshot in Windows clipboard for pasting into any app.
  • One-click uploading to our secure internet screenshot host.
  • Provides viewer, direct, and forum links for the hosted image.
  • Creates an email with links, in your default email program.
  • Shares links on Blogs, Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instant Message, Email with ease and no annoying attachments.
  • Captures things other programs can't capture, like widgets and sidebars.



Screenshot uploaded and hosted instantly on the Web


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