ClutterKiller Help  
What Is ClutterKiller?

ClutterKiller organizes your files for you and helps you maintain a clutter-free Desktop and File System. You will be amazed at how much your productivity increases after using ClutterKiller. It separates your files and puts them where you want them.

The basis for the organization is created in ClutterKillers' Settings. Files are organized into 6 categories:

  • Audio
  • Archives
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Programs
  • Video

Files are organized into these categories based on the file type extension. ClutterKiller starts out with many of the familiar Windows file types, already set up. You can manually add more, or you can use the Drag & Drop function to have ClutterKiller auto-learn new file types.

ClutterKiller also has additional tools to help with organizing and cleaning clutter for a more productive computer experience.

These tools include:


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