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Destop Shortcut Cleaner

The Desktop Shortcut Cleaner is a special tool for dealing with unused shortcuts on the desktop. With the Cleaner, you can evaluate all your shortcuts on the desktop, and place shortcuts that you don't often use into a single folder called Unused Desktop Shortcuts.  This avoids the clutter of shortcuts placed on the desktop (by installers and users), for programs and applications that you don't often use. The shortcuts will be out of the way, but accessible.

Having an Unused Desktop Shortcut folder is an idea first pioneered by Microsoft in Windows XP.  For one reason or another, the Windows Desktop Cleanup Wizard was removed in Vista. (Various sources list faulty operation of its autorun feature as the reason it was removed.)  Whatever the reason they removed it, it is not because it wasn't a good idea. Having a single folder for unused icons keeps them from cluttering the desktop, yet keeps them in a readily available location should you need to run one of these shortcuts.

With Desktop Cleanup Wizard we bring back this cleaning ability (though we have decided to steer clear of any auto running), but with superior interface and action.  So 9x/Vista users can rejoice and XP users will find that our interface is much easier to use and understand (no unneeded wizard, just a cleaning interface).  The same Unused Desktop Shortcuts folder will be used, or one will be created if you don't have one.

How to use Desktop Shortcut Cleaner:

  1. Click to select all the shortcuts you want to cleanup/move. You may select as many as you want.
  2. Click the Choose Selected button to move the selected into the Choosen list box.
  3. Click the Move to Unused Desktop Shortcuts Folder button to cleanup/move choosen shortcuts.
  4. The cleaner is now cleared, so you can repeat process if you have more shortcuts to move. Close if done.


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