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Desktop Isolator

The Desktop Isolator is a great tool for instantly (temporarily) blocking out all outside clutter distractions, giving you a blank desktop surface to work on. It is a very powerful distraction avoider, and there are an unlimited number of uses for this isolated work environment.

Basically, the Isolator covers over the Desktop with a black layer, leaving only the task bar visible. Any windows you had open, icons and wallpaper are covered over. Thus, you have blocked any and all clutter from view, but can bring it all back by just clicking on the Desktop Isolator button again.  

While the Isolator is activated, you may bring any window you want back into view above the Desktop Isolator Layer, by just clicking on its window name in the task bar. You can send any window out of view by minimizing it.

The Desktop Isolator also saves energy and battery life for laptops.  Because it blacks out the unused area of the screen, it requires less energy and power.

Some suggested uses:

  • When recording application and tutorial demos.
  • When comparing data between multiple windows.
  • When you need to hide things you are working on temporarily from outside viewers.
  • When giving presentations on a projector or shared desktop view.
  • When you need to focus on just one task.
  • When evaluating photos or artwork.
  • When comparing two windows or photos.
  • When you need a fresh perspective on the application you are using.
  • When showing or demoing a program to another person.

Because of its versatility, you will find many more ways to utilize this instant isolation.

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