ClutterKiller Help  
Cleaning a folder

The Clean Folder button starts up the folder cleaning process of ClutterKiller.  This is an automatic cleaning of a folder of your choice . You may also choose to clean the Desktop. The automatic cleaning will be done according to the current setting, so be sure to read about Settings in this Help Manual.

ClutterKiller leaves file types it doesn't have rules for alone. If there are files left behind that you still want ClutterKiller to organize, it is best practice to use the Drag & Drop, so ClutterKiller can learn these unknown file types.  Folders and subfolders will also be left alone. Use Drag & Drop if you want to organize these.

Desktop shortcut files are left alone. You should use the Desktop Shortcut Cleaner to organize those, or you can organize with Drag & Drop.


  1. Click Clean Folder button. The select folder dialog will open. 
  2. Browse to the folder you want to clean, or select Desktop at the top if you wish organize that.
  3. ClutterKiller will run, and the files will be moved to their organizing folders, depending on the file type.

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